Woman Arrested After Allegedly Sending Date 65000 Messages

Woman Arrested After Allegedly Sending Date 65000 Messages

Woman Arrested After Allegedly Sending Date 65000 Messages

A woman in the Phoenix area is accused of stalking a man she met online, sending him thousands of text messages and breaking into his home after the two went on a date, police said. According to ABC News, she would sometimes send the unnamed man up to 500 texts per day.

Some of the messages were described as threatening and disturbing.

Despite saying the victim was the meanest person she'd ever met, Ades said they were soulmates and she's not angry with him for calling the police on her. Officers responding to the victim's home found Ades taking a bath in his tub, police said.

Scarily though, when she was arrested, police allegedly found a large butchers knife in the passenger seat of her auto.

Neighbors also told police that the woman was hanging around the street outside the man's home and kept telling them she was their neighbor's wife. When Paradise Valley police heard about the Scottsdale incident, they began a search for Ades and charged her with threatening and intimidating, stalking, and harassment, according to court documents obtained by USA Today.

"You don't stop giving even if you don't receive", Ades said in the jailhouse interview.

In July 2017, Ades reportedly parked outside of the man's home in Paradise Valley and started sending back-to-back text messages.

Ades also admitted to knowing her statements were "crazy" and planned to return to Florida when released from jail.

Fox 10 reports that another text said: "Oh what would I do w ur blood!"

"I hope you die you. rotten filthy Jew", Ades reportedly wrote, in another attempt to coax a positive response out of the man. After her release, she sent more messages, including one that suggested "harm may come to him", authorities said. Officers from the Paradise Valley Police Department took her into custody and charged her with several offences.

According to court documents, that appears to be true.

An Arizona woman is accused of stalking a man that she met online.

Ades is being held pending a court appearance later this month.

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