White House: Iran nuclear deal made on 'false pretense'

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu leads the weekly cabinet meeting at the Prime Minister's Office in Jerusalem

White House: Iran nuclear deal made on 'false pretense'

Speaking in Australia, Macron said the current deal was "not sufficient" to halt Iran's nuclear ambitions, but that it was the only deal on the table.

Sanders told reporters at the briefing that the United States has had discussions with Israel.

In a television press conference, large portions of which were in English, Netanyahu indicated 55,000 pages of documents and pictures, supposedly obtained by Israeli intelligence, which allegedly demonstrate that Iran "lied about their commitment with the nuclear agreement signed in 2015".

Relations between Israel and Iran have always been tense, with Tehran not recognizing Israel's right to exist.

A senior adviser to Iranian supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei announced Thursday that Iran will not remain in the deal if the USA decides to pull out. We told you about a recent Iranian ballistic missile test - violating global law - where the side of the weapon proclaimed: "Israel must be destroyed". If it can do that, then there likely is very little it cannot do.

"We have not attacked anyone in centuries, but we have been invaded; most recently, by Saddam Hussein who was then backed by the United States and its regional allies", Zarif said, adding that the former Iraqi dictator used chemical weapons in the eight-year Iran-Iraq war that claimed several hundred thousand Iranian lives.

"In order to break this economic blockade, we entered a series of economic discussions named the JCPOA. But repeating what is already known doesn't move us forward", he said.

"The image of Israel having nuclear capabilities is the important thing, not what we have or don't have".

They are the exceptions because they are the only countries that actually feel threatened by Iranian nuclear weapons.

"We have also made budgetary plans for different situations as needed", the top official noted. Their ambassador to the UK, Hamid Baeidinejad, told CNN on Wednesday failure for U.S. compliance "means that there is no deal left".

Zarif went on to reiterate that his nation will not "renegotiate or add onto" the deal, as French President Emmanuel Macron suggested during his visit to the USA last week.

In January, he did extend those waivers, but said the European signatories should fix "the awful flaws" of the accord by May 12 or he will refuse to do that again.

Iran warned Thursday it will quit a landmark nuclear deal if President Donald Trump pulls the United States out of the accord, while also criticising European states over "concessions" to the Americans.

British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson also reaffirmed his country's support for the landmark nuclear deal, noting that the JCPOA was "based on tough verification".

Speaking to reporters from North Atlantic Treaty Organisation headquarters on Friday, the current Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, said Trump was unlikely to keep the USA in the JCPOA when it comes up for recertification later this month.

The European signatories to the deal have been trying to persuade Trump to save the pact, reached under his predecessor Barack Obama.

"This appeasement entails promises of a new deal that would include matters we all made a decision to exclude at the outset of our negotiations, including Iran's defensive capabilities and regional influence".

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