Watch Out, This Robot Could Run After You

Watch Out, This Robot Could Run After You

Watch Out, This Robot Could Run After You

The video shows Atlas running outside, uphill, through some short brush, and even stopping and jumping over a log.

Each Boston Dynamic's video released to YouTube makes the world both more impressed and more terrified at the potential these robots could have. Apart from walking, which we've seen done countless times, the main focus is its hop over a branch.

Yes, you can say that about most displays of Boston Dynamics robots, but this one even more so. Then again, it apparently needed to stop before making that jump, so perhaps we've identified the best way of slowing down the marauding robot hordes. It also published this footage of SpotMini-a vaguely canine robot that we saw opening doors earlier this year-autonomously navigating its way through an office and lab.

"Atlas is the latest in a line of advanced humanoid robots we are developing".

Boston Dynamics promises viewers that SpotMini isn't being remotely controlled, although it was given a manual run through the area first to map the space.

SpotMini navigates indoors and outdoors, completing the route in just over six minutes.

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