Trump administration exclusively blames Hamas after Israeli soldiers kill dozens of Palestinians

Trump administration exclusively blames Hamas after Israeli soldiers kill dozens of Palestinians

Trump administration exclusively blames Hamas after Israeli soldiers kill dozens of Palestinians

The Israeli military identified three of those killed as armed militants whom it said tried to place explosives near the fence in the southern Gaza Strip.

There were clashes between Israeli police and protesters who raised Palestinian flags outside the new embassy in Jerusalem and several protesters were detained.

And one that could spill beyond Israel's borders.

The U.S. Embassy in Israel officially opens on Monday in Jerusalem - a location which has been at the epicenter of tensions between Israelis and Palestinians, as both claim the holy city as their capital - coinciding with the nation's 70th anniversary.

"Jerusalem is a Palestinian territory, and according to global law, Jerusalem should be under worldwide law until both parties agree to divide it into (two) capitals or what", said Jamal Hamed, president of the Association of Palestinian Arab Canadians.

As for the embassy opening in Jerusalem, Gilady praised President Donald Trump's decision.

The Gaza strip is a scene of chaos and violence as Palestinian officials say Israeli troops have killed 55 people and wounded 2,700.

The protests have been generally peaceful, but some young men have thrown stones at Israeli soldiers or tried to fly flaming kites over the border.

Last week, the Israeli government said the ongoing border protests constituted a "state of war" in which worldwide humanitarian law did not apply. It was the expulsion or fleeing of hundreds of thousands of Palestinians from their homes during the 1948 war surrounding Israel's creation.

The US embassy move from Tel Aviv has added further fuel to Palestinian anger.

"A massacre will happen on a 15th", Isam Hammad, one of the organizers of the protests, told Haaretz. Many living in South Florida described an exasperated people.

Protesters opposed the opening of a new US embassy for Israel in the city of Jerusalem, a move ordered by President Donald Trump.

Netanyahu exulted at the embassy's opening ceremony, while Trump tweeted: "A great day for Israel!"

Trump's decision to declare Jerusalem the capital of Israel and move the U.S. Embassy there from Tel Aviv fulfilled a campaign promise, despite pushback from European and Middle Eastern leaders who warned that doing so could undermine peace talks in the region.

Kushner said, "While presidents before him have backed down from their pledge to move the American Embassy once they were in office, this president delivered".

A spokesman for Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas said in a statement Monday: "With this step, the USA administration has canceled its role in the peace process and has insulted the world, the Palestinian people and the Arab and the Islamic nation and it has created incitement and instability".

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