Thunderstorms and hail possible in Boulder today

Thunderstorms and hail possible in Boulder today

Thunderstorms and hail possible in Boulder today

The National Weather Service advises that there may also be scattered flooding incidents "along the northern and central Virginia Blue Ridge into the Piedmont".

For Mother's Day on Sunday, expect mostly cloudy skies with the chance for some showers or sprinkles. The classification for this storm had not been confirmed as of 8 p.m. Monday.

The forecast for Wyandotte County says the chance of precipitation is 40 percent, mainly after 1 p.m. today, the weather service said.

As the storms neared, meteorologists began comparing it to a derecho, a strong storm with straight-line winds that can reach almost 60 mph and span 240 miles. The primary threat with any severe thunderstorms will be damaging straight line wind gusts. Chances of showers kick back up late afternoon, but many may not see rain until late Monday night.

Temperatures will likely vary by 20 degrees between the lakefront and suburbs. Air on the south side of this boundary is expected to become quite unstable, and wind shear, which helps sustain storms, will increase parallel to this boundary.

While the forecast is long term, the weather service is calling for a return to the 80s by Friday.

Locations impacted include Bristol Virginia, Abingdon, Damascus, Hilander Park, Emory-Meadow View and Holston, the National Weather Service said.

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