Teacher shot dead after having sex with student

DelTondo's engagement was called off a few months after she was caught in a steamed up car with a teenage boy

DelTondo's engagement was called off a few months after she was caught in a steamed up car with a teenage boy

Rachael DelTondo, 32, died on Mother's Day six months after being suspended from her job.

Now investigators tell CBS Pittsburgh they believe Rachael DelTondo knew her gunman and that it was a crime of passion.

"I counted six shots that I heard", neighbor Fred Poor said of the shooting.

The death has stunned neighbors in the quiet neighborhood and police are hunting for clues to the identity of the killer.

A teacher has been shot dead on Sunday a matter of months after she was suspended from her post for allegedly being caught by the police in a compromising position in a auto with a 17-year-old boy.

Two years ago, police came upon DelTondo in a parked vehicle with a juvenile student.

Authorities in Aliquippa, Pennsylvania, said officers on patrol at around 1.50am on February 6, 2016 saw a vehicle parked up outside the old Aliquippa Hospital. Police noted in the report that "the windows were steamed over and the engine was not running".

Inside was DelTondo and the teen.

Hayden said the school reported the incident to authorities under Pennsylvania law and placed DelTondo on paid suspension. However, the school's CEO found that the teenager was never a registered student at the school.

Flirty texts and Snapchat messages later showed that the pair had a "relationship". When qeustioned by the officer, Deltondo claimed that she was just friends with the student and that they were only talking; police added that she claimed she was only talking with the teen because "he was upset and needed someone to talk to".

"The reason this report was not filed in February 2016 with the Aliquippa School District, Children and Youth Services and a mandated report to the Department of Education was because it was an attempted cover up", the second email reads.

No charges were brought, but DelTondo was still suspended by the school. Police are still searching for the suspect and are actively investigating the incident as a homicide, WPXI reported.

DelTondo was suspended from her school in November after allegations of the relationship with a student were made public.

Reportedly, her name was sometimes misspelled as "Rachel" in certain media publications concerning the story. We express our sympathy to her family, friends, and co-workers.

"Nobody, including Ms. Deltondo, the Aliquippa Police Department, the juvenile male or his family, or any other person or agency had informed PA Cyber of this or any other incident". Her mom, Lisa DelTondo, bought her a $10,000 wedding dress from Anne Gregory Bridal in Dormont. The report concluded that "Deltondo was advised that there was better places to just talk with a former student", and further stated that the responding officer hoped not to find her in the same predicament again. They called off the wedding after the affair.

The family, who had already put down a $4,600 non-refundable deposit, told the salon they would like to pay the balance and receive the dress so they could sell it, but said the designer never delivered the gown and refused to refund their deposit.

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