Talks with powers to continue over saving nuclear deal, Iran says

Talks with powers to continue over saving nuclear deal, Iran says

Talks with powers to continue over saving nuclear deal, Iran says

Iran's Supreme Leader on Wednesday said that "since the beginning of the Islamic revolution (in 1979), the United States has not given up its enmity against the Islamic republic".

British, Chinese, French, German and Russian officials will try to flesh out with Iran's deputy foreign minister a strategy to save the deal by keeping oil and investment flowing, while circumventing US sanctions that risk hurting the economy.

Mr Pompeo said the United States would inflict the "strongest sanctions in history" on Iran unless it agreed to 12 American demands, including withdrawing from Syria and halting its funding of militant groups like Hizbollah and Hamas.

Khamenei said Iran reserves the right to expand its nuclear program beyond the limits of the accord unless European banks facilitate trade and Europeans provide assurances that they will buy Iranian oil if the USA attempts to disrupt crude sales.

Also in exchange for Iran continuing to honor the deal, Khamenei said the European nations should guarantee that they will not only continue to buy Iranian oil but will try to block US plans to curb Iranian oil sales through renewed sanctions. He also rejected any new negotiations over Iran's missile program, which was not covered in the nuclear deal. "We do not want to start a fight with these three countries, but we don't trust them either", he said.

A senior Iranian official says Tehran expects European Union countries to put forward concrete solutions by the end of May to keep the 2015 Vienna accord alive.

Press reports have previously said that Iran wants to develop nuclear-powered ships or submarines.

Highlighting how hard it will be, the U.S. Treasury announced Thursday more sanctions on several Iranian and Turkish companies and a number of aircraft in a move targeting four Iranian airlines.

"The sanctions to be launched against Iran will not foster dialogue". "Iran is not seeking discord with the Europeans but given their past behaviour we can not trust them", Khamenei said. "On the contrary, they will boost the importance and power of Iran's conservatives and weaken President [Hassan] Rohani, who wanted to negotiate", Le Drian told France Inter radio.

The US, Israel and others have slammed the deal as too limited to Iran's enrichment program, and its failure to deal with Tehran's related ballistic missile program and its involvement in multiple conflicts in the Middle East. The deal lets Iran enrich but under tight restrictions. "Khamenei is now doubling down on that charge", he said, referring to the deal's official name, the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action.

Since the deal came into effect, Iran has twice inched over the agreed volume of heavy water, a reactor coolant. "We made the JCPOA in good faith and we remained committed to the JCPOA and they just pulled name me a single reason why we should enter into a new negotiation with the USA or a new deal?" The International Atomic Energy Agency has repeatedly verified Iran's commitment.

"After the USA left the JCPOA, Khamenei ordered Iran's President Rouhani to get guarantees from the West about continuing to facilitate trade".

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