Some hear 'Yanny,' others hear 'Laurel' in viral, divisive audio

People either hear 'Yanny' or 'Laurel' in this one clip and it’s tearing the whole damn internet apart

People either hear 'Yanny' or 'Laurel' in this one clip and it’s tearing the whole damn internet

A similar confusion is back, but this time people are trying to decide whether this viral audio file says Laurel or Yanny.

"HOW DOES ANYONE HEAR LAUREL ITS YANNY", Twitter user zaynilla added.

Either way, we know it's pointless trying to definitively call it.

Still others said they could hear both.

Personally, I am hearing Laurel in the above tweet. Remember when we were all arguing about whether that dress was #whiteandgold or #blackandblue?

The latest furore kicked off on Twitter when the clip was shared by popular user Cloe Feldman on Tuesday night.

By adjusting the pitch up, "Yanny" people can hear "Laurel".

There is an audio clip going around and apparently, people are hearing different things. "I just asked my dad what he heard and he said "nothing" and my mom said "rural".

The recording of a bot that sounds clearly to be saying "Yanny" for some, and "Laurel" for others, surfaced on Reddit Sunday.

For example, I honestly believe anyone who hears "Yanny" might be a sociopath.

Additionally, as people grow older the range of frequencies they can hear is often diminished, especially high frequencies.

Chandrasekaran told The Verge that because the original recording is ambiguous - it's bad, remember? - your brain needs to fill what it thinks you should hear. Also, our ears love to play tricks on us, making audio illusions just as fun as optical illusions.

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