Seahawks players wish moms a happy Mother's Day

Letter: A Mother's Day letter to my mom who recently passed away

Forbes: Plenty of ways to show Mom you care

For many of us, our moms are the very first superheroes and we spend our whole lives trying to live up to their example. "The mom is what holds it together", says mom, Amy Robinson. "Have a wonderful day and enjoy your family and enjoy your children everyday", said Mary Sue Adams, a mother who has been coming to brunch at Captain Anderson's since it began.

Managers said the only other time they're this busy is Easter Sunday.

A mom watches her two sons after finishing brunch.
. "They've made many sacrifices through the years that they didn't have to make, but they did it unselfishly for us", says son, Jeremy Mason.

From old and young - great-grandmother to new mothers - people took Mom out for the big day.

Happy Mother's Day to all moms out there!

"I appreciate all of my boys".

"Happy #MothersDay to all the moms and families out there, especially my mom and my wife Priya. She always says, 'You came here that way, I just stayed out of your way, '" she said in an interview with Essence.

We wouldn't be who we are today without you!

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