Republicans draw conflicting lessons from early primaries


Republicans draw conflicting lessons from early primaries

We will be the voters who choose the nominees while the other voters unfortunately choose to sit it out. As Trump has gotten less popular, the Democrats have had a wider advantage on the generic ballot.

This year, Phillips said the Republican Party was pretty consistent with past years in the high teens to low 20's turnout.

The President of the United States Donald trump warns that the Democrats will prevent the economic achievements of his administration, and called on Republicans to mobilize in the run-up to the midterm elections. The GOP anxious the brash-ex coal baron would have struggled to defeat Democratic Sen. Joe Manchin, a top GOP target. "Vote Rep. Jenkins or A.G. Morrisey", Trump tweeted.

Trump plans to take the stage in Elkhart, Indiana, on Thursday night, two days after Republicans nominated former state lawmaker Mike Braun to challenge vulnerable Democratic Sen.

Rep. Luke Messer conceded shortly after Rokita, saying he's disappointed by the results of the race.

In the 48th District, where incumbent Rep. Dana Rohrabacher is seeking re-election, Republicans make up 40 percent of registered voters compared to Democrats, at 30 percent. National Republican Senatorial Committee Executive Director Chris Hansen argued the Republican's "success in creating jobs for Hoosiers as a business owner is a stark contrast to Joe Donnelly's history of shipping jobs to Mexico".

The stakes for whoever comes out on prime on Tuesday are excessive - President Trump carried the state by nearly 20 factors in 2016 and Pence beforehand served because the state's governor and congressman.

GOP Senate candidate Jim Renacci said repeatedly Tuesday that OH is now a Trump state. But when a Republican faces a Democrat in a statewide race - governor, senator and the like - the concept of underdog isn't strong enough to describe the situation. Democrats are dominant in Sacramento, with super majorities (or near super majorities, depending on who's being investigated) in both houses of the legislature and Dem Jerry Brown in the governor's office.

Appearing at a Cabinet meeting, Trump said that Tuesday ended up being "a very big night for the Republican Party" in primaries in West Virginia, Ohio and elsewhere.

In the race for the Center seat on the Board of County Commissioners, Republican incumbent Jeff Good took 6,593 votes; Democrat Donna Perdue got fractionally more, 6,650.

I know I'm going to be taking some time to learn as much as I can about the candidates running for public office and I would hope that you would, too. He is projected to beat Lt. Gov. Mary Taylor. Stacey Williams is running without opposition to be the Republican nominee and will face the victor of the May 22 Democratic Party primary in the general election in November.

On Tuesday in Porter County, 8,367 Democrats cast ballots or 49 percent of the total (8,636 Republicans did or 51 percent).

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Messer represents Indiana's sixth Congressional District, beforehand occupied by Vice President Mike Pence earlier than he grew to become Indiana's governor. The GOP-controlled legislature sought to revamp the commission with a ballot initiative that would increase the number of members from five to eight, give lawmakers more control over the pool of commissioners, and bar the practice of drawing districts with slight differences in population size, which experts say now makes it easier to draw districts with non-white majorities.

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