'RAGE 2' Confirmed, Gameplay Trailer to Debut Tomorrow

'RAGE 2' Confirmed, Gameplay Trailer to Debut Tomorrow

'RAGE 2' Confirmed, Gameplay Trailer to Debut Tomorrow

And teased Walmart. After picking apart Walmart Canada's font on the leaked game cover, the account started teasing an announcement and trailer for Monday May 14 through a series of images. Thanks to Walmart, we get to see the biggest surprises of E3 2018. While the majority of them - like Forza Horizons 5 - appear to be nonsensical, other games like "Rage 2" also made an appearance.

It's official RAGE is getting a sequel after rumbling from various gaming communities about Walmart leaking the title in their inventory.

Somewhat surprisingly the game is referred to simply as Rage 2, despite the original never having been that successful or famous. Either way, we have the full gameplay trailer to look forward to tomorrow. Since the company is already revealing a gameplay trailer, it's likely the release date will be some time soon, perhaps even by the end of the year. Luckily, we don't have long to wait in order to see the game in action!

While it's abundantly clear that Rage 2 is in fact a thing (unless Bethesda is trolling fans for no reason), it's still somewhat surprising. So, it is a matter of time to know part of the open world of this title.

The narrative of the original Rage was a weak link next to its great graphics and brutal combat. Still, we can expect to hear plenty more about Rage 2 during E3, so look forward to that and be sure to stayed tuned for the gameplay trailer that's arriving tomorrow.

Then again, it might be because Avalanche Studios - the team behind 2015's Mad Max - had a hand in developing the game. A darker, grittier, more advanced RAGE game could help build the excitement to a higher level than it now is.

The announcement trailer unfortunately didn't give us much to go on in terms of how Rage 2 would actually play.

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