Question of the Day: Android P Gesture Navigation, Thoughts?

Question of the Day: Android P Gesture Navigation, Thoughts?

Question of the Day: Android P Gesture Navigation, Thoughts?

Google I/O 2018 is now rolling out a new update of the Google Lens application and according to this announcement, the app will soon be made available to use within the native Camera app of your Android smartphone. Your phone will split your screen in two, with the top showing the Street View overlay, while the bottom half will still display the maps layout. The dashboard will let you see things like how long you spend on your phone-and in individual apps.

Android P is the newest iteration of the Android OS, and it's shaping up to the the smartest one yet. It took some getting used to on the iPhone X but after six months, I find it much more seamless to use than a home button.

The use of the Android operating system means that motorists will be able to receive updates for apps and Google services in real time - just as it is from traditional smartphones.

Keep in mind that, unlike Apple, Google doesn't really force its user experience on Android phone makers. Most other OEMs are going with Google's solution.

The older version hasn't really gotten much love in recent years, but Google's letting the developer world know that it's still committed with the sequel, which brings along a number of new features announced at the show today. To get this new version you'll have to sign up on Google's Android Beta Program and follow the instructions there. The cutout options first appeared in the first Android P developer preview but has now changed rather considerably and strangely, adding more options but also removing others. Head on over to Google Android Beta to check it out. The phone adapts to you and will try to help you get to your next task more quickly. The devices in question all support Google's Project Treble, making this possible.

In Google's continued effort to make phones smarter, App Actions will anticipate what the user wants to do next based on past behaviour. Users can then tap for more information about the app, or completely stop it from running in the background. After all, you still just have a navigation bar area that is using up screen space, only now it's filled with semi-confusing swipes instead of simple tapping.

Finally, the Google Assistant home speaker now has a "pretty please" feature that rewards words like "please" when people ask it to do things.

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