Police search for bodies in decades-long cold case

Police search for bodies in decades-long cold case

Police search for bodies in decades-long cold case

On Monday, police confirmed they were searching for the remains of Kimberly King, a 12-year-old girl who disappeared in 1979. Zarzycki went missing after meeting up with her boyfriend and her boyfriend's father, Ream, at a Dairy Queen in 1986, according to the Detroit Free Press.

Warren Police Commissioner Bill Dwyer says crews are digging Wednesday morning at the site in Macomb Township for the remains of Kimberly King.

The search area is a wooded area about 30 miles (50 kilometers) northeast of Detroit in Macomb Township.

King was final seen in 1979 in Warren.

A reopened cold case has led police to search for the bodies of several missing girls in a rural area north of Detroit. We certainly are convinced we have the right area.

Officials believe as many as six bodies could be buried in the same location.

Arthur Ream was convicted of murder within her slaying.

Before the current search for remains, a detective interviewed Ream in prison several months ago.

Dwyer added that authorities "do have probable cause to believe" the area "is a gravesite". "I can't imagine anything else that equals this but in a broader sense, we all have anxious about the Oakland County Child Killer for decades and we had someone else in our midst doing the same thing", Beyma said. "It's just a sad type of situation", he said.

Detectives questioned convicted child killer Arthur Nelson Ream, 59, in prison about Kimberly's disappearance. While gruesome discoveries could help law enforcers solve cases that have been cold for decades, it would bring closure to families who have wondered for years about the whereabouts of loved ones.

"Please just tell us where she is so we can move on", Beyma told reporters. At the time of his conviction for Zarzycki's killing, he already was serving a 15-year sentence on an unrelated molestation charge involving a 14-year-old girl.

"A reasonable jury could find that defendant deliberately lured Cindy to the Dairy Queen through the ruse about his son's birthday and that Cindy was never seen again because defendant killed her", the court records stated. Authorities said Ream tricked her by telling her that he was planning a surprise party for his son. A news conference is scheduled for Wednesday afternoon, though Dwyer would not say whether the search had yielded any evidence.

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