Pakistan blocks departure of U.S. diplomat accused in auto accident

Pakistan blocks departure of U.S. diplomat accused in auto accident

Pakistan blocks departure of U.S. diplomat accused in auto accident

Pakistani authorities have barred a US diplomat, involved in a road accident that killed a motorcyclist in the capital Islamabad, from leaving the country.

Fraying ties between once-close allies saw a few more threads snap this weekend after what appeared to be a failed American rescue mission aimed at airlifting Col Joseph Emanuel Hall, a defence attaché at the US Embassy in Islamabad.

US Military Attache Col Joseph Emanuel Hall rammed his SUV into a motorcycle in Islamabad last month, killer the rider. Mr Hall was involved in a fatal accident and his case is being heard in Islamabad High Court, which the other day declared that he does not enjoy immunity.

In what is being dubbed as a tit-for-tat move, the Pakistan Foreign Ministry on Friday imposed travel restrictions on American diplomats in the country as similar restrictions on the movement of Pakistani diplomats in the US.

The US representatives waited for four hours at the Pakistani airbase but the FIA officials did not allow Hall to leave the country as his name was put on the blacklist by the Ministry of Interior.

The Islamabad High Court on Friday on a petition filed by the deceased's father ruled that the United States diplomat does not have absolute immunity in the country. Pakistan has formally asked USA officials to withdraw Hall's diplomatic immunity, but the matter is being reviewed by Pakistani courts, and there has been no official resolution.

Colonel Hall on April 7 jumped a traffic signal in Islamabad and hit a motorbike carrying two men.

THE US has no respect for Pakistani courts and laws. Hall was not granted permission to leave, according to Dawn, and he later returned to the US Embassy in Islamabad.

"So far no government official or US Embassy official has offered us the agreement".

The airfield incident occurred a day after the U.S. and Pakistani governments imposed curbs on movements of each other's diplomats.

According to details, a special aircraft arrived at the Nur Khan Airbase here to take the American diplomat home.

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