Overwatch Anniversary Event Brings New Skins, A Map, And More

Overwatch Anniversary Event Brings New Skins, A Map, And More

Overwatch Anniversary Event Brings New Skins, A Map, And More

It's been almost two years since Overwatch debuted for PC.

Junkrat was featured getting a pirate-themed skin that can be unlocked via loot boxes or in-game cash. There's also hints that every skin from every event since the game's launch, will also become available.

Blizard's mega-blockbuster "Overwatch" is now one of the top games that are being played by gamers from all over the world and with a recent leakage of a video which teases information about upcoming Overwatch's Anniversary Event way before any official confirmation and along with it, the leak also provide information on its release schedule which begins from May 22nd, 2018. To access it, all you'll have to do will be to log in on the game.

For those not already into Overwatch, Blizzard has something for you as well.

One first goodie brought by the two year anniversary would be the game itself.

The Overwatch cast judging your Silver play. Therefore, Blizzard chose to give them the chance to make up their mind.

Finally a free weekend is also set to take place on the weekend of the anniversary (May 25 through May 29) which will give everyone a good chance to dive in.

The two year anniversary event has some surprises for the Overwatch veterans as well. It will have placement matches, skill tiers, and leaderboards, just like regular Competitive play. We're not told which skins are being added to the Legendary Edition, or how much it will cost. Including the extremely entertaining dance emotes that were only available for last year's anniversary event. It also confirms that brawls from the previous event will make a return.

Special loot boxes will also be making a appearance with Legendary Anniversary Loot Boxes guaranteeing players some rare content.

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