North Carolina town probing officer seen choking black man in prom attire

North Carolina town probing officer seen choking black man in prom attire

North Carolina town probing officer seen choking black man in prom attire

"We are now investigating the whole incident, interviewing witnesses and gathering additional video", Southerland said.

The video, captured on the night of Saturday, May 5, shows 22-year-old Anthony Wall and a Warsaw, North Carolina police officer outside of a Waffle House.

The incident allegedly occurred after Wall, a cashier at Wendy's who lives in Fayetteville, got into a minor confrontation with Waffle House employees, after taking his 16-year-old sister to her prom. [Moss'] hands should have never been around my neck like that if my hands were in the air.

"I was pretty much trying to scream for air and to breathe because he was poking my throat so that I pretty much gasp when I got aggressive with him".

Although Wall says that he takes full responsibility for actions inside of the restaurant with Waffle House employees, he called the officer's actions outside of the restaurant unjustified.

Now the big question is, was this type of chokehold legal?

"Get your hands off of me", Wall is heard screaming as the officer, with his hand still around Wall's neck, proceeds to slam him onto the ground. In a post on Facebook, friends of Clemons said she was arrested after an argument with a Waffle House waitress over refusal to provide free plastic tableware.

Another racial incident at Waffle House. "Get your hands off of me!"

District Attorney Ernie Lee was he was contacted by the Warsaw chief of police on Wednesday regarding the incident and has requested the North Carolina State Bureau of Investigation to investigate. While at the restaurant, he got into a heated argument with employees, who called police. But when police were called, one of the officers - who was twice his size - began to choke him.

It's unclear if there have been any immediate repercussions against the police officer.

Police didn't release the name of the officer in the video, saying the matter is still under investigation.

Wall's video - which was shared Wednesday on Facebook - has been viewed over 1 million times. A video showed police throwing Clemons to the floor and inadvertently exposing her chest.

Police, citing statements from Waffle House workers and a customer, offered a different account. "And once against the police responded with violence". He said that the company has already launched extensive investigations into the two incidents and spoke directly with a woman from a third high profile incident, where she claimed that another Alabama Waffle House intentionally locked her out.

We must warn you, this footage is very hard to watch.

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