No Man's Sky on Xbox One Will Launch With Multiplayer

No Man's Sky Mod multiplayer

No Man's Sky on Xbox One Will Launch With Multiplayer

It's set to roll out on July 24, which will also mark the game's first release on Xbox One.

Just announced via the Xbox Insider show, the sci-fi exploration title No Man's Sky finally has a release date. "I'm excited for new players to be able to play such an expanded game from the start". As for the game's release on Xbox One, Sean Murray has revealed that it will be enhanced on Xbox One X with 4K and HDR support.

Murray did not give any sort of player cap or limit on how many people you can squad up with. "You can help friends to stay alive, or prey on others to survive". This includes exploring the universe and attacking other teams to epic space battles.

The game now does have a limited form of multiplayer, but with the update, players will be able to interact with other players better, such as grouping up with them to survive, build, race, and relax. Race exocraft across weird alien terrains, creating race tracks and trails to share online'. "This is something that I wish we could've done sooner, but I'm so glad it's happening", Murray said. Though multiplayer already exists in the game but Murray said this update will bring more interaction between players in the game. Initially, the update allows you to link your Discord account with your Xbox LIVE account, a process that you can perform from the application configuration panel, where you will now find an option to link both accounts, although it is also possible that you make the procedure from your console.

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