New York Nanny Sentenced To Life For Murdering Children In Her Care

Nanny Yoselyn Ortega seen here on March 1

New York Nanny Sentenced To Life For Murdering Children In Her Care

The judge agreed with the defense arguments and sentenced to a life imprisonment without PAROLE.

"The defendant's son, Jesus Frias, sat in front of a traumatized jury, winking and grinning at the jury members as if it were some kind of reality TV show he wants to win", the mom said. Lulu and Leo is a powerful force, and now they are two starsthat will always lead us forward, "said the mother of the dead children".

"We could not find a strongly credible proof that the defendant was not aware and able to recognize what was going on", Curtis said.

Discussing in Spanish through a translator, she also said had been "sorry for whatever", adding she expected for "a good deal of forgiveness".

The children's distraught mother lashed out at Ortega for not showing "an ounce of remorse" and for plotting to "destroy" her family.

Yoselyn Ortega, 55, was convicted of first-degree murder April 18 after a two-month trial in Manhattan Supreme Court.

Over the eight-week trial, jurors were subjected to stomach-churning photos and testimony spanning the children's final moments, the family's heartbreak and Ortega's alleged descent into madness.

He said they called Lulu "Our Little Buddha".

Marina Krim said that after she testified at Ortega's trial, "I wasn't planning on coming back into this courtroom after that", but, she added, "I'm here once again to finish this disgusting chapter in my and my family's life". To God, to Marina, to Kevin. Ortega, who's from the Dominican Republic, had been recommended by her sister, a nanny for another NY family, and her background and references were faked by her family.

"As Nessie grows up, she will be asking Kevin and me deep, unanswerable questions about life that most parents avoid talking about with their kids", Marina Krim said.

"You will know a diseased mind when you see it", Valerie Van Leer-Greenberg, Ms. Ortega's lawyer, told jurors at the start of the trial.

She claimed she did not remember the attack and was possessed by the devil, but a psychologist told jurors she was depressed, but not mentally ill - and had not mentioned hallucinations at the time.

"She did it intentionally with a full understanding of exactly what it was she was doing-every stab, every slash", ADA Stuart Silberg said in his closing.

Mr Krim, who now works at a start-up, and his wife use a Facebook page to post updates on their lives.

Medical experts testified that Lucia fought bravely and sustained more than 30 nicks, slices and stabs from Ortega.

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