Navy to Reactivate Second Fleet as 'Dynamic Response' in Atlantic

The carrier USS Truman transiting the Atlantic earlier this year

The carrier USS Truman transiting the Atlantic earlier this year

The Pentagon announced that the United States is rebuilding the Second Fleet, nearly seven years after it was disbanded for reasons of economy and organizational structure.

On Friday, the Pentagon also said that the U.S. offered to host a planned command of NATO joint forces in the Atlantic in Norfolk.

Re-establishing the second fleet "ensures dedicated reinforcement of the region and demonstrates a capable and credible deterrence effect" against adversaries, the official said.

"The return to great power competition and a resurgent Russian Federation demands that Nato refocus on the Atlantic to ensure dedicated reinforcement of the continent and demonstrate a capable and credible deterrence effect", Johnny Michael, a Pentagon spokesman, said.

The U.S. Navy's Second Fleet will be sent to the North Atlantic Ocean again, as the Pentagon plots ways to combat Russia's revanchist tendencies.

The U.S. Second Fleet will provide forces along the U.S. coast and in the northern Atlantic Ocean, according to Chief of Naval Operations, Adm. John Richardson, who made the announcement Friday during a change of command ceremony in Norfolk, Va. He said the new NATO command "will be the linchpin of trans-Atlantic security".

North Atlantic Treaty Organisation and USA officials have said that Russian submarine activity is at its highest levels since the Cold War.

Since then, as it was disbanded, there has been a sharp increase in Russian naval activity in the North Atlantic and in the Arctic.

Davidson's next assignment is commander U.S. Pacific Command.

The command will eventually grow to 256 personnel - 285 officers, 164 enlisted and seven civilians - USNI reported, citing a memo signed earlier in the week by Navy Secretary Richard Spencer.

Defense Secretary Jim Mattis said in January the United States is facing "growing threats" from China and Russian Federation and warned that the USA military's advantages have eroded in recent years.

"Our military is still strong, yet our competitive edge has eroded in every domain of warfare", he added.

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