Migrants from Central American caravan scared and hopeful for asylum

Migrants from Central American caravan scared and hopeful for asylum

Migrants from Central American caravan scared and hopeful for asylum

After a final briefing from lawyers and minutes before they were to begin a short walk to the border crossing, U.S. Customs and Border Protection Commissioner Kevin McAleenan announced that the San Ysidro border crossing, the nation's busiest, had "reached capacity" for people without legal documents and that asylum-seekers may need to wait in Mexico temporarily. However, U.S. Customs and Border Patrol (CBP) have denied entry to caravan members who say they're escaping violence and political oppression in their countries of origin.

A group of Central American migrants traveling to the United States was blocked at an inspection facility and prevented from crossing the border from Mexico, The Associated Press reported. Administration officials have warned the migrants they will be prosecuted if they enter the US illegally or lie while requesting asylum, and they'll prosecute anyone who assists or coaches individuals to make a false immigration claim.

Wearing white arm-bands to distinguish themselves from others crossing at the San Ysidro checkpoint near San Diego, some of the asylum seekers waved good-bye to family members who made a hard decision to stay behind in Mexico.

"CBP facilities at capacity at San Ysidro". Asylum seekers are screened and have their backgrounds checked and, depending on how they entered the country, may be detained pending a hearing.

Caravan organizers say Trump has made it harder for migrants to seek asylum by threatening to detain foreigners seeking the protection, and in some cases turning immigrants back at the border or jailing them for months. "The United States government is creating a humanitarian crisis".

Writing about the U.S. government and Trump's response to the Caravan, Kathryn Johnson of the American Friends Service Committee noted the repressive conditions in Honduras following the re-election of Hern√°ndez previous year and how this had led to many more people from that country joining the march.

Hundreds of Central Americans have travelled to the USA border wall in Mexico to claim asylum.

U.S. Secretary of Homeland Security Kirstjen Nielsen said last week the caravan migrants should seek asylum in Mexico.

Asylum-seekers must demonstrate a well-founded fear of persecution at home.

KAHN: Illegal immigration to the US through the Southern border plunged dramatically after President Trump's inauguration.

The daunting journey has taken a toll on mothers with their children who have to arrange for water, food, and shelter for the vulnerable section of the caravan. "With widespread kidnappings, theft, sexual assaults and other crimes against migrants in Mexico, it is hard to think that Central Americans will view Mexico as a place they want to settle". We can't process 200 refugees?

The Trump administration has been tracking the caravan since it started in Mexico on March 25 near the Guatemala border. Mexican officials offered asylum to some and deported another 400, but 600 planned on continuing on to the U.S. But she warned that any asylum-seekers making false claims could be prosecuted, as could anyone who assists the migrants in doing so. He cited it as proof that the country's migration laws are too lax.

Trump administration officials say many of those migrants skip their court dates and try to live illegally in the United States.

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