Loved Ones Remember A Legend In the Full Whitney Trailer

Singer Dee Dee Warwick

Loved Ones Remember A Legend In the Full Whitney Trailer

Directed by Oscar victor Kevin Macdonald, the film explores the late singer's life and features interviews with those closest to her. As for why Houston never told her mother: "I think she was ashamed", says Jones.

Mary Jones, Whitney's aunt who found her body, claims Miss Houston had told her she had been sexually abused by Dee Dee Warwick - sister of singer Dionne - between the ages of seven and nine. The documentary features interviews with many of Houston's relatives and close acquaintances, including her half-brother Gary Garland-Houston and assistant Mary Jones.

She was present in a tub within the Beverly Hilton Lodge, with the coroner ruling that she died of drowning and the consequences of coronary heart illness and cocaine use.

Whitney was made with the cooperation of Houston's estate gives viewers an intimate insight into Houston's personal life and struggles. It also covers the depths Houston traveled to "lift up" her husband, Bobby Brown.

Macdonald alluded to the allegations when he spoke with EW last month prior to the debut of the first Whitney trailer, saying that the documentary would shed light into who Houston really was, and incidents that - for better or worse - affected her later in life. Garland even appeared in the documentary and shared his story.

Whitney Houston
Whitney Houston performs during the World Music Awards at the Thomas & Mack Center in Las Vegas Nevada in 2012REUTERS

"She felt uncomfortable in her own skin in nearly every interview there was with her". "She was lovely", she said, "her heart". "I've seen and done some filming with people who have suffered childhood sexual abuse, and there was just something about her manner that was reminiscent to me of that sort of shrinking".

The trailer touches on multiple hot-button issues that surrounded Houston, as a disembodied voice fires off questions about drug choice, addiction, her relationships with Bobby Brown and Robyn Crawford.

"Shortly after thinking that, someone did tell me off the record about being told by Whitney about being abused, and it being one of the central reasons behind her self-torture", he continued.

"There were times when I'd look up to God and I'd go, 'Why is this happening to me?" she recalls in vintage footage.

Whitney is out in the United Kingdom on 6 July 2018.

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