Hulk Hogan Reportedly Close to WWE Return

Hulk Hogan Reportedly Close to WWE Return

Hulk Hogan Reportedly Close to WWE Return

Hogan did not start, but both parties are talking about possible reunions.

One ought to note that Hulk Hogan's recent discussions with the WWE have been "positive"; and the belief is that WWE plans on bringing Hogan back in "the right way"-without potentially offending people who were affected by Hogan's past racist rant". The process has been helped by Hogan's willingness to take ownership of the past racially charged comments that led to his 2015 departure, the report noted.

Hogan was dissatisfied with her daughter Brooke's date with a black man.

Hogan's WWE return has depended on the company being reasonably sure that bringing him back won't cause a big backlash due to his racist comments.

Hulk made an appearance at the HBO/WWE "Andre the Giant" documentary premiere in Los Angeles, California in March, but the company made it clear that he was not back with the WWE just yet.

Furthermore, TMZ revealed that WWE kept a close watch on Hogan's speech during his induction into the Boys & Girls Clubs of America Hall of Fame-particularly in order to gauge the response to his aforementioned speech.

The rumors of Hulk Hogan's return to the WWE appear to be coming true - and possibly very soon.

"The Hulk Hogan is an important part of the history of the Andre Giants, but his documentary at the HBO premiere tonight and his plans to help others learn from their mistakes do not mean that WWE is rehiring him".

There have always been reports that the wrestling legend returning to the WWE, and now it appears that is closer than ever.

Yes, what I said was out of date.

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