How to choose your new Google Assistant voice

How to choose your new Google Assistant voice

How to choose your new Google Assistant voice

Before, you'd only be able to choose between a male or female voice, but now you can select a new Google Assistant voice from a whole slew of genders and vocal tones.

According to the New York Times, researchers in both China and the USA have carried out a series of experiments which ultimately proved that it's possible to communicate silent commands that are undetectable to the human ear to voice assistants like Siri, Alexa and Google Assistant. In this example, though, we'll be using the Google Home app. You can use either app, but the steps are different.

The medical event prediction exercise was done by Google on a retrospective data, and the results are early; but a great start for machine learning and AI to help mankind live better and longer.

The Mountain View-based search engine giant has also been working with several partners such as LG, iHome, Lenovo and JBL to showcase the capabilities of Google Assitant on smart speakers and smart displays. Then, click the three dots icon in the top right-hand corner to bring out the menu choices (middle screenshot).

The new shush mode feature in the Android P will help turn off all notifications, buzzes, sounds, and pings if you rest it on its screen.

Follow the remaining steps listed above, and you're all set!

That's because Google has added six additional voices to Assistant, almost tripling the total after it added a male voice in October of 2017.

Now, if you're more used to using the Google Home app because you own Google Home hardware, you can use the Google Home app instead to get to the Assistant settings.

This is, however, not the first time we are hearing about Android Things from Google.

The demonstration, at this week's Google I/O developers' conference in Silicon Valley, wowed the typically jaded crowd because the person on the receiving end of the call had no clue they were conversing with an A.I.

Keep in mind that whether you got to this page via the Google Home app or the Google Assistant app, this will change the tone of voice for all your devices. In doing so, you could essentially override the message the voice assistant is supposed to receive and substitute it with sounds that will be interpreted differently, thus giving the voice assistant a different command that would be virtually unrecognizable to the human ear.

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