'Heroic' captain makes emergency landing after aircraft windshield breaks at 32000 feet

Disturbing footage from inside the plane reveals the moment the windscreen was ripped out. Source NewsflareMore

Disturbing footage from inside the plane reveals the moment the windscreen was ripped out. Source NewsflareMore

A Sichuan Airlines plane had to make an emergency landing after one of the cockpit windows fell off.

The Sichuan Airlines 3U8633 flight was flying from Chongqing, China, to the Tibetan capital of Lhasa.

Monday's accident comes less than a month after a woman was killed in the Southwest Airline's plane engine explosion, which caused one of the passengers to be partially sucked out of the porthole. Pressure and temperature suddenly dropped in the cockpit.

"There was no warning sign". The aircraft made a safe landing in Chengdu where only two injuries were reported-a member of the cockpit crew (likely the first officer) and another cabin crew member. Liu said that the emergency landing was extremely hard because of the noise, flying debris, and inability to see much more than a few feet ahead of the aircraft.

The Civil Aviation Administration of China said in a statement that part of the cockpit window broke as the plane was flying over Chengdu.

Incidents involving cracked windshields happen on a regular basis due to occurrences such as bird or lightning strikes but ones involving entire windshields coming off are rare.

Everything in the cockpit was floating in the air.

Sichuan Air said there had been a mechanical failure on the flight but gave no further details of the incident. He explained that the plane was shaking and that he could not hear well. "When I looked over, the co-pilot's body's was hanging halfway out of the window". "Luckily his seatbelt was tied", pilot Liu Chuanjian told the Chengdu Business Daily.

The right side portion of the glareshield instrument panel was sucked out of the aircraft through the windscreen hole, crippling the Flight Control Unit (FCU), forcing the crew to fly the aircraft manually. Then the oxygen masks dropped...

Sichuan Airlines, a regional airline headquartered in Chengdu, operates mostly domestic flights but also flies internationally to countries such as Japan, Canada, and the Czech Republic.

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