Here's Why The Tree Macron Gave Trump Disappeared From The White House

Israel Katz

Here's Why The Tree Macron Gave Trump Disappeared From The White House

But days later, it vanished. All that's left is a patch of discolored grass marking the location.

The oak had originally sprouted at the World War I Battle of Belleau Wood in northern France, where around 2,000 USA troops died fighting the German Spring Offensive.

Meanwhile, Emmanuel Macron held closed-door negotiations with President Trump over everything from the USA involvement in Syria to the fate of the Iran nuclear accord, which he believes Trump will pull out from.

Trump and Macron shovel dirt onto a freshly planted oak tree as first lady Melania Trump watches on the South Lawn of the White House on April 24, 2018.

Images and videos of the tree planting ceremony outside the White House went viral, spawning memes and media organizations remarking on the blooming "bromance" between Trump and Macron, as well as the close rapport between their first ladies Melania Trump and Brigitte Macron.

Over the weekend, however, it became apparent that the tree had gone missing from the White House grounds.

The White House hasn't offered an explanation. The problem: Parasites on the tree could spread to others on the White House property.

Mr Macron's office said that Mr Trump insisted on holding the symbolic planting ceremony despite the quarantine requirement and the roots were enclosed in plastic.

French ambassador to America, Gerard Araud, explained on Twitter that the tree must undergo a quarantine.

"The tree may be back in October", Franceinfo speculates, the BBC reported. The nickname stems, in part, from the German moniker "Teufelhunden", which means "devil dogs".

Almost 2,000 USA troops died in that battle, including more than 1,000 Marines.

The White House told NPR the young oak was "moved to a facility" to "ensure the tree's long-term survival" and that it will be replanted as soon as possible.

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