Google Maps Just Got a Million Times Better (Especially for Foodies)

Google Maps Just Got a Million Times Better (Especially for Foodies)

Google Maps Just Got a Million Times Better (Especially for Foodies)

Better yet, animated guides (like a fox, a dog or anything else you can imagine), can also lead you to your destination.

With the redesigned Explore tab in Google Maps, users can now find multiple information at one place.

When these features will become available, and whether they'll debut on the iOS and/or Android OS Google Maps app, is now unknown, according to Google's Vice President of AR & VR Products, Aparna Chennapragada. That means your days of walking half a block in one direction before turning around and walking the other way could soon be behind you. To avoid any such confusion, Google Maps will instead display blown-up 3D directions such as lit-up arrows and precise steps like "6th street is 100 feet away". So, one can give a rating to a restaurant directly on the Maps app. What else would you need Google Maps to perform? Following the release of AR direction, a user simply needs to hold their phone up and Google Maps will match the view from their camera to the saved Street View imagery.

Google Lens was unveiled a year ago and lets you run searches over your smartphone's camera. Down below navigation on Maps will also be visible. You can select a particular area and check out different dining options available in there along with events and activities.

- New feature that makes group planning easier: Long press on the place you are interested in and Google Maps will now allow you to add it to a list which can be shared with your friends and family.

However, the 2D view isn't ideal, leading you to walk in any direction and hoping your path follows Google's blue dots. This section will also have recommendations based on previous likes. Google uses machine learning for this and generates the match percentage based on factors like your food and drink preferences, the places you have visited, and so on.

You can even cross places off your curated list, so that you know you're nearly done with, say, the definitive ice cream crawl of the West Side.

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