Golden State Killer suspect charged in 4 more deaths

Golden State Killer suspect may be linked to earlier Cordova cat burglar attacks

Joseph James De Angelo Jr. the suspected Golden State Killer is arraigned in a Sacramento court on April 27

He is suspected of being the Golden State Killer, responsible for numerous burglaries, rapes and murders throughout California in the 1970s and '80s.

It is unknown when DeAngelo will appear in a Santa Barbara County courtroom to face the charges since he is facing murder charges in several other counties, including Sacramento, Ventura, and Orange counties.

Investigators finally cracked the Sacramento case, which has long haunted victims' families and law enforcement, by comparing crime scene DNA to genetic information on commercial genealogy websites that consumers use to explore their ancestry.

Joseph James DeAngelo, 72, was charged with killing two people - Robert Offerman and Alexandria Manning - on December 30, 1979, and with the 1981 killings of Cheri Domingo and Gregory Sanchez in Goleta. The Santa Barbara County Sheriff's Department, other sheriff departments and the Federal Bureau of Investigation are looking at the evidence and speaking with witnesses to determine if any other crimes can be connected to DeAngelo.

The charges, all filed with special circumstances that could make DeAngelo eligible for the death penalty or life in prison, are in addition to eight murder counts filed earlier in other counties.

"Each count carries multiple allegations", Dudley said. He was a police officer in the California towns of Exeter and Auburn during the 70s.

Cops believe Joseph James DeAngelo is the Golden State Killer.

"This has been an ongoing discussion all district attorneys have been having, one that will not be decided tomorrow", Dudley said.

No charges have been filed in Santa Barbara County, however.

Amy Lieu is a news editor and reporter for Fox News.

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