Golden retriever gives birth to eight puppies in airport

A service dog named Ellie which is short for Eleanor Rigby went into labor and delivered eight puppies in the middle of a terminal at Tampa International Airport on Friday

Golden retriever gives birth to eight puppies in airport

Travelers at the Tampa International Airport were in for quite a surprise when a service dog delivered puppies on Friday. And the delivery ended with a big surprise.

Ellie's owner was right by her side as the two-year-old Labrador retriever gave birth unexpectedly to a litter of eight, include seven male puppies and one female puppy.

Tampa Fire Rescue shared the sweet moments over social media.

Personnel with the Tampa Fire Rescue, which documented the birth on Twitter, helped Elle to deliver her puppies.

The puppies' father, a yellow lab named Nugget who is also a service dog, was also at the airport at the time of the birth.

The owner of the service dog Paramedic Larry Glanton an unidentified woman and Lt Natalie Brown smile for the camera after Ellie delivered all eight of the pups
Golden retriever gives birth to eight puppies in airport

Other passengers came and went, casually sipping their coffees and charging their phones as they watched puppy after puppy delivered on the carpet, airport spokeswoman Emily Nipps said.

"Ruff day for this mama at Gate F80!" posted Tampa airport officials.

With eight new babies, Ellie certainly has her hands - or paws - full.

Congrats to Ellie and Nugget. Eleanor Rigby, a golden retriever service dog, was about to board a plane to...

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