Fox Executives On Cancelling Brooklyn 99 And Picking Up Last Man Standing

Last Man Standing

Fox Executives On Cancelling Brooklyn 99 And Picking Up Last Man Standing

FOX has five new scripted series - new to its schedule, anyway - plus the return of "Cosmos" on its schedule for 2018-19.

No decisions have been made on the fates of the comedy "Ghosted", which premiered last fall, and the comedy "LA to Vegas", which premiered in January, Dana Walden, a co-chairman and co-CEO of the Fox Television Group, said on a conference call.

Fox Monday unveiled its fall schedule which will include two new comedies, the revival of the Tim Allen-starring comedy "Last Man Standing" a season after its cancellation by ABC and "Thursday Night Football".

"The support from all the fans to bring back "Last Man Standing" is truly overwhelming to me and so appreciated", Allen told Fox News. However, the success of "Roseanne" isn't the only reason "Last Man Standing" got a second chance on television.

She added that Fox was interested in picking up the comedy when ABC canceled it past year, but couldn't find the right place on its schedule. "We tried to move "Last Man Standing" over previous year when ABC decided not to move forward".

"It's a amusing show and audiences responded to it", he said.

Still, Walden stressed that the success of "Roseanne" wasn't the sole factor for giving Allen, 64, the green light. Thanks to its millions of devoted viewers and the irrepressible Tim Allen, we haven't seen the last of "Last Man Standing'". "We always wondered how it would do if it were. prioritized more". He also disputed the notion that Allen's unwavering support of Donald Trump was a reason ABC chose to remove the show from its lineup.

"I'm not sure that I think that the cancellation had anything to do with politics", said Gary Newman, chairman and chief executive officer for Fox Television Group; he theorized that ABC was more interested in shows produced by its own studio. "We knew there were conversations that were going on with other platforms and I'm really happy for the whole team". "If anything, it may have had something more to do with that network trying to own more of its schedule ..." "Tim's personal politics aren't a big feature on the show". "[His character] Mike Baxter is a centrist [and] doesn't have extreme political views".

Both shows feature '90s sitcoms stars playing lead characters with conservative views who clash with their liberal family members. It wasn't really about that. "Even previous year when "Last Man" was canceled, we really looked for an opportunity to move it to our schedule and we just didn't have the right show to pair it with".

Despite the big boost from the first episode, which focused on Roseanne Conner's love of Donald Trump's presidency because he "talked jobs", the show has slowly but surely eased off of the political commentary over the back half of the season. However, he didn't believe the lasting success behind "Last Man Standing" was exclusively based on Baxter's conservative values.

The comedy was canceled by ABC in May 2017, a move that drew criticism from Allen and prompted fans to create petitions for its return.

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