Festival Of Fantasy Dragon Catches Fire At Magic Kingdom

Inc. All rig

Inc. All rig

A Walt Disney World parade was more fiery than planned Friday afternoon.

According to The Orlando Sentinel, the attraction is Maleficent's dragon and part of the Magic Kingdom's daily Festival of Fantasy parade located in Liberty Square.

Reedy Creek fire department responded to the incident, but the blaze was already extinguished by the time responders arrived.

Video captured by a park visitor shows the dragon from "Sleeping Beauty" engulfed in flames as Disney employees rush to extinguish the fire. There were no injuries to employees or visitors, it was reported.

The dragon is a regular features the theme park, occasionally rearing its head and blowing smoke and fire into the air.

The Festival of Fantasy parade debuted four years ago.

The paper reported that Disney is investigating what went wrong.

Video of the fiery dragon head shows its mechanical mouth and neck still operating as workers tried to put out the flames.

The dragon was created to bob its head, while blowing smoke and fire in the air, but the flames engulfed it.

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