Emma Thompson Is Not Here For Being Asked About The Royal Wedding

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The actress was talking to journalists to promote her latest BBC project, a new adaptation of "King Lear", when Sky News snuck in a question about the couple's big day.

"Okay, you met me".

When pushed on the matter, the "Nanny McPhee" star added that she wishes the couple well, but "doesn't know them".

She swiftly moved onto the next reporter and said she wasn't going to talk about the Royal Wedding before she said: 'Just give the poor kids a break'.

Fast forward to 2018, and Rihanna is still not into reporters prying into her private life. Rihanna asked the reporter.

Recently, in conjunction with the arrival of her SAVAGE X Fenty lingerie line, headlines popped up about RiRi supposedly saying that she would be gifting the royal newlyweds with some "savage" pieces from her line, but as it turns out, Rihanna wasn't even checking for a royal wedding in the first place.

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To which Rihanna replied: "Why do you think I invited?"

"OK, you met me".

With the Royal Wedding coming sooner than you think, every single detail is scrutinized-who will walk Meghan Markle down the aisle, what meals will they serve at the reception, down to who made it to the exclusive guest list. "Am I coming to yours?"

When she was told, she smiled and suggested she needs to pay more interest on the Internet.

Naturally, the reporter says that Rihanna will definitely be getting an invite to her wedding either way.

Who knew - perhaps celebrities are ruddy exhausted of being asked about the royal wedding.

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