Driver: Tesla's Autopilot engaged during crash

More Bad News for Telsa

Driver: Tesla's Autopilot engaged during crash

The reorganization comes after Tesla announced that its engineering chief would take a leave of absence and another senior executive left for Waymo, a competitor in the race to develop self-piloted vehicles.

We spoke with Tesla to learn the extent of updates and found five updates that have been rolled out to existing Model 3 owners.

The Tesla driver, who claimed to be using the autosteer feature, was transported to hospital with a broken right foot, while the driver of the vehicle that was hit was checked for injuries related to whiplash but not admitted for further checks.

Investors are clearly getting exhausted of boisterous statements from Tesla and Musk as they are not yet seeing much substance in these. "Taking a step back, the focus for Tesla, Musk, and investors is laser centered around ramping up Model 3 production efforts to narrow the gap on the production line reaching the elusive 5,000 per week mark, which has been its Achilles heel".

Tesla has increased its rate of Model 3 production in recent months. "Eyetracking rejected for being ineffective, not for cost", Musk tweeted. The spokesperson also said that Tesla is expected to "provide criticism and feedback to ensure that we're creating the best, safest cars on the road".

Autopilot, a form of advanced cruise control, handles some driving tasks and warns those behind the wheel they are always responsible for the vehicle's safe operation, Tesla has said. CEO Elon Musk has publicly derided reporting on the incident as unfair, pointing out how many people are killed in crashes while driving traditional cars.

Tesla's record of miles driven could not be confirmed by Reuters.

On Monday firefighters in Switzerland said a fatal accident involving a Tesla may have set off a fire in the car's battery.

Jonas, a one-time Tesla bull, has sobered on the company as of recent - he has held an equal-weight rating on the stock for nearly a year.

According to the Associated Press, the accident occurred in South Jordan, Utah, on Friday evening, when a Tesla Model S saloon travelling at 60mph collided with the back of a fire engine that had stopped at a red light.

'Tesla has not yet received any data from the auto and thus does not know the facts of what occurred, although it appeared to be a high-speed collision'.

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