Drake Did Blackface for Clothing Line to Showcase ‘Powerful Duality’ of Race

Drake attends 'The Carter Effect' premiere during the 2017 Toronto International Film Festival at Princess of Wales Theatre

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Drake dissed Pusha T - who is President of Kanye West's GOOD Music label - in his track "Duppy Freestyle" over the weekend, while also invoicing GOOD Music for $100,000.

Pusha T also made headlines this week for claiming in the song that Drake is a "deadbeat" father who had a son with a former French porn star.

Here's how the beef started in case you missed all the drama.

Pusha T has questioned Drake's pen game several times before, most notably on the Daytona album cut "Infrared", which reignited the rappers' longstanding beef when Pusha dropped his album on May 25.

Pusha's fiery track is called The Story of Adidon and it has some pretty ruthless lyrics. In fact, Pusha told the "Breakfast Club" he's demanding answers for Drake's blackface photo shoot, which is real.

The pic was deemed as inappropriate, and Instagram removed it from Pusha-T's page because 'a third party reported that the content infringes or otherwise violates their rights'.

There are no rules when it comes rap beef - well, unless it's happening on social media.

Me learning that Drake did blackface and it ain't photoshop and has a kid in one song. To many, Pusha's bars may seem harsh, but the rapper isn't remorseful, as Pusha warned that he has "the devil flow", possibly challenging Drake who calls himself the "6 God". Leyes said that the Blackface makeup was Drake's idea and that he was trying to send a deeper message.

"Coincidentally. tomorrow is World MS Day", Shebib tweeted Tuesday.

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