Dr. Jan Adams declines Kanye West's album offer

Dr. Jan Adams declines Kanye West's album offer

Dr. Jan Adams declines Kanye West's album offer

He made the announcement on Twitter, accompanied by an open letter published by Mr. Adams... see below.

A coroner ruled that her death had been caused by surgery, stating she died due to "coronary artery disease and multiple post-operative factors due to or as a effect of liposuction and mammoplasty".

The news follows Ye being hit with a cease and desist letter by Jan over his album cover image.

The letter continued: "Perhaps you should put your cousin's picture on your next album".

He quotes the coroner's report which proves her death had nothing to do with him and even reminds Kanye why his lawyers dropped any case against him.

"Wow. I'm learning from you".

We're kind of extremely relieved this interaction went well. but how much more hot water can Kanye possibly get himself in at this point?! "The person who performed my mom's final surgery", he wrote. "Love deals with the truth", he wrote. The original tweet featured a text conversation in which West said he wanted to "forgive and stop hating", seemingly referring to the doctor's operation the day before his mother's death. This is plastic surgeon Jan Adams.

"Do you have any title ideas?" He did not, however, blame Donda's nurse - Kanye's cousin Dr. Stephan Scoggins - for not being there to aid her, but cited a coroner's report that very clearly did.

Kanye received Adams' notice loud and clear, as he reposted it on his Twitter page.

For years Kanye struggles with the death of his mother and has launched numerous projects in her name.

Adams said he does not want to come off as "ungrateful", but relayed that if West is keeping it real, then using the surgeon's image would be very "inappropriate to drag the negativity of the past with it".

The cosmetic specialist penned the letter in response to a recent tweet from West, where he claimed he was planning to use an image of Adams on the cover of his newest album.

Adams goes on to encourage the music star to be "intellectually honest" and to focus on being a father and cherish his family.

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