Donald Trump To Meet With Occupents Of Deadly Southwest Airlines Flight



The flight captains make an emergency landing.

Trump, in a meeting in the Oval Office, praised the response of pilot Tammie Jo Shults, who steered the plane to safety on April 17 after an engine explosion blew out a window, killing passenger Jennifer Riordan.

Southwest Airlines Flight 1380 was headed from NY to Dallas with 149 people on board in April when it was forced to land in Philadelphia after an engine on the Boeing 737 exploded at 30,000 feet (9,144 metres). She died later from her injuries.

"Ms Chavez witnessed the horror as the force of the depressurisation pulled an innocent passenger partially through the shattered window".

The ex-Navy fighter pilot's flying skills and calm demeanor are credited with bringing the 737 to the ground safely after the plane's left engine exploded. The incident killed one passenger and injured seven others, authorities said. Included in the envelope was a check for $5,000 to cover immediate financial needs and a travel voucher worth $1,000.

"I'm trained for emergency situations and that's just exactly what it was, and I felt moved to act as well as other people on that plane", Needum said at a news conference last month.

The National Transportation Safety Board is trying to determine why a fan blade tore loose, shattering the CFM engine and shooting fragments at a wing and the fuselage of the Boeing Co. They are also reviewing data from the airplane's cockpit voice recorder and flight data recorder, according to The New York Times. During the flight, she sat three rows behind the window which was smashed by debris resulting from an engine blade breaking off mid-flight.

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