Delta Air Line passengers evacuated on tarmac

Passengers evacuate Delta Airlines jet after landing in Denver

Top News: The Newest: Delta flight evacuated due to smoke in cabin

There were some minor injuries with passengers and crew, either from the smoke or from sliding from the plane. Airport spokeswoman Emily Williams says passengers reported smoke crammed the cabin because the aircraft was taxiing to the gate.

153 passengers aboard a Delta Airlines jet were forced into an emergency evacuation moments after landing on the runway of Denver International Airport.

A cellphone name to Delta was not instantly returned Tuesday night time.

The smoke in the plane was caused by a small amount of hydraulic fluid that leaked onto the APU or auxiliary power unit, according to Anthony Black with Delta Airlines.

Pictures on societal media marketing revealed passengers looking at the airplane's wing during the evacuation while a shuttlebus transported them to the airport. The photo does not appear to include any Delta crew members or emergency personnel.

Naftel also described a possible early warning sign in the cabin.

Another passenger, Steve Katich, posted photos from inside the plane during the incident. That smoke got into the ventilation system and into the cabin. An exact number of people who suffered injuries is not yet known. The flight attendants instructed passengers to keep their heads down, he said.

"We were kind of sitting there complaining among ourselves, and one guy pointed out that it didn't happen while we were in the air", he said.

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