DEADPOOL 2 Keeps Its Humor, Maybe Adds Too Much Else

     FIRE-STARTER Julian Dennison as Russell

Fox FIRE-STARTER Julian Dennison as Russell

Reynolds believes that after this movie, the third Deadpool film will be replaced by an X-Force movie instead.

As the star of Deadpool, Ryan Reynolds is no stranger to masks. The Merc with a Mouth has been busy since the first movie ended, traveling the globe doing some ultra-violent killer-for-hire work. And... don't even get me started on the X-Force and Peter.

Colossus and Negasonic Teenage Warhead (Brianna Hildebrand) are back to help Deadpool go on the straight and narrow by becoming an X-Men "trainee" (he sports a yellow "trainee" jersey and everything).

Russell is just a kid, but he's an angry kid with some serious superpowers, and like Deadpool, he's conflicted about how to use them.

What do you hope to see happen in this X-Force movie? Replacing him is David Leitch, who is best known for his directorial efforts on the first John Wick and last year's Atomic Blonde, but Leitch seems to have left his stylistic sensibilities at the door, foregoing the noirish tones and visuals of his previous films and opting for what feels like a serviceable follow-up to the original. In particular are two huge set-pieces that are going to leave audiences laughing leaving the auditorium. Now the sequel Deadpool 2 is touted to be bigger and better than the first. Brolin's Cable looks great and when he and DP finally get a chance to do more than punch each other, it's quite nice.

The action picks up and becomes extremely violent.

Cable's got good reason to be bummed out, as we learn, but the film barely gives us any time to process his tragic backstory. Now Deadpool is tasked with fighting Cable (Josh Brolin who's having a hell of a month after getting the Infinity Stones all wrangled up in Avengers: Infinity War). Best of all, he is the ideal straight-man foil to Deadpool's nonsense. It is full of surprises and incredibly amusing. This movie, in a surprising manner, is also much more emotionally impactful and insightful than the first movie was. The humor in the film matches his pace and attitude, which makes the moments when Deadpool 2 reaches for genuine emotion all the more ridiculous and unbelievable.

And as if Reynolds can not get any more likeable, the actor posted a hilarious tribute to his mother yesterday. And surprisingly, this movie has a lot of heart. Deadpool 2 had the ridiculous task of living up to those expectations and I'm here to tell you, against all odds, they totally pulled it off. Deadpool 2 is totally awesome and, while it certainly isn't a movie without flaws, it's arguably the flawless sequel. While its most delightful surprises are toward the beginning of the credit roll, it's worth sitting through to the end - especially for any viewer who was too distracted by the decapitations, fireballs and impalings of the final battle sequence to make out the lyrics of the Carmina Burana-ish chorus playing in the background.

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