Congo says confirmed Ebola cases rise to 35, with 10 deaths

The Africa Centres for Disease Control and Prevention has deployed 25 epidemiologists to Mbandaka and Bikoro to support the government’s surveillance work

Congo says confirmed Ebola cases rise to 35, with 10 deaths

Two of the patients have since died.

Two patients who were taken out of quarantine in Mbandaka, a busy port city in the Democratic Republic of Congo, by relatives and taken to pray, were later found dead.

"It is normal for people to want..."

So far, seven cases have surfaced in Mbandaka districts, World Health Organization said.

"It's hard to recall a situation of an outbreak where a Government has responded more quickly and more decisively than in this outbreak", Salama said.

Isolation is the main way to keep the disease under control. Many of them follow religious and traditional practices, especially during funerals, which are not necessarily aligned with health recommendations.

So the country's health ministry and its worldwide partners, such as the WHO and Oxfam, are conducting awareness campaigns by organizing community dialogues and going door-to-door to advise people on what hygiene precautions to take in times of outbreaks.

"However, forced hospitalization is not the solution to this epidemic". In previous Ebola outbreaks, patients have also left the hospital despite doctors urging them not to. We have seen cases of people leaving hospitals and refusing care, which could have dramatic consequences.

Health workers have drawn up a list of 628 people who have had contact with known cases who will need to be vaccinated.

But lack of trust between patients and doctors is often the reason those sick with Ebola would attempt to evade treatment, which can be intimidating when it involves isolating them from their families and only interacting with medical professionals dressed in hazmat suits. Symptoms include fever, vomiting, diarrhea, muscle pain and at times internal and external bleeding. Now there are 35 confirmed, 13 probable and six suspects, four of them new: two in Bikoro, one in Iboko and another in Wangata, the only urban center affected so far.

IOM is appealing to donors 1.3 million dollars to continue and expand its reponse to the Ebola outbreak.

Mbandaka is one of three health zones with confirmed Ebola cases, complicating efforts to find and monitor hundreds of people who have been in contact with those infected.

Health officials went to the church to vaccinate several people, according to the report.

So far, 52 confirmed, likely or suspected cases of the deadly virus have been registered in DRC, including 22 deaths.

"We haven't even done the Phase 1 yet", Fauci told Reuters, but added that he was "happy to do it", as long at the trial is done in collaboration with WHO. Health officials are undertaking "highly targeted vaccinations".

Downstream from Mbandaka is the country's capital, Kinshasa, which is home to roughly 10 million people.

Bush meat is on display at a market in Mbandaka in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

South Sudan and the United Nations health agency have launched a sensitization and awareness campaign against Ebola to enhance preparedness in the country following an outbreak in Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC).

The agency issued a new toll, saying there had been 58 cases since the outbreak was declared on May 8 - an increase of seven over figures issued on Tuesday - and said it was actively following more than 600 contacts. "The quicker patients are admitted, the greater their chance of survival and the greater the chance of limiting the spread of Ebola".

Health brigades have also been set up at various entry points to Kinshasa and other cities as part of prevention, said the World Health Organization's Congo representative Allarangar Yakouide. As of May 16, a total of 45 new cases of EVD and 25 deaths have been reported from three health zones in Equateur Province, according to WHO. Meanwhile, millions of dollars from the Congolese government and worldwide aid have been allocated to combat the spread of the deadly disease, including up to $8 million from the U.S. Agency for global Development.

With more than twice as many Ebola outbreaks as any other country since the virus was discovered in 1976, Congolese are familiar with its destructive power, yet fear and suspicion of medical authorities are still hindering efforts at containment.

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