Childish Gambino Releases New Music During Saturday Night Live Debut

NBC's Saturday Night Live has lately been in a Jurassic mood, with a fake Jurassic Park audition sketch in March and last night when Jurassic World was taken to court following some deaths of visitors to the park.

In just four minutes, and with help from frequent Atlanta director and longtime collaborator Hiro Murai, Gambino manages to highlight the 2015 Charleston mass shooting, the Black Lives Matter movement, and America's gun epidemic.

"This Is America", "Donald Glover", and "Childish Gambino" were all trending terms on Twitter in the USA on Sunday morning.

Social media blew up this weekend with reactions to Glover's new music video for "This is America", released under the name of his musical alter ego, Childish Gambino.

This is the first new music the artist has released since his Grammy-nominated album "Awaken, My Love!" in 2016, according to Variety. Unfortunately for us, he's flagged that his next Gambino album will be his last.

The video is for the new song "This Is America", and it starts off nicely enough, with Donald Glover hanging out in a parking garage.

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