BMW Issues Recall Affecting Large Amount of Cars

BMW Issues Recall Affecting Large Amount of Cars

BMW Issues Recall Affecting Large Amount of Cars

An investigation by BBC Watchdog found that a number of vehicles produced by the German auto giant between 2007 and 2011 were prone to an electrical fault that caused them to stall. "Another road user can not see the powerless vehicle".

After examining growing evidence, DVSA contacted BMW in December 2016 - the same month Gurung was killed - to ask it to conduct a full safety recall of the affected vehicles.

BMW told the inquest that a recall had not initially been issued for the fault as it was not considered a critical safety defect, because in most cases owners would be given a warning, such as a auto not starting.

But now that figure is to soar almost tenfold to nearly 312,000 as the vehicle maker recalls 1 Series, 3 Series, Z4 and X1 petrol and diesel models produced between March 2007 and August 2011 amid safety fears. He added the fault was "deemed not critical because the driver is still able to steer the auto and brake the vehicle". The work will be carried iut free of charge.

The company initially recalled cars in the United Kingdom after Narayan Gurung, who was travelling with his wife on Christmas Day in 2016, died when their Ford Fiesta crashed into a tree to avoid a broken-down BMW in Guildford, Surrey.

According to an inquest, BMW had received complaints of an electrical issue causing a loss of power as far back as 2011. Around 370,000 cars were thought to be involved at that time, but the manufacturer fixed only around five under warranty. He said at the time: "It is not a safety defect because a prior warning is given to the user in the majority of cases".

A BMW spokesman said: "Now we recognise the need to widen the recall to capture a larger cohort of cars". However while there were recalls in the US, Australia, Canada and South Africa, no cars were recalled in the United Kingdom until after the accident to Gurung. The company said each vehicle type is being investigated, taking into account the climatic and environmental conditions of each region. He said: "The lead engineer from the DVSA has said to you, in light of the concern, "we do not want a fatality".

After the problem had caused the BMW to break down, its brake lights failed, meaning that it was left in the dark on an A-road. "Another road user can not see the powerless auto".

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