Awesome! Brazilian surfs record 80-foot wave in Portugal

Brazilian Rodrigo Koxa takes out Big Wave Surfing award with world record ride in Portugal

Awesome! Brazilian surfs record 80-foot wave in Portugal

Watch the full ride for yourself below or at this link.

Now imagine there's a giant ocean wave that tall barreling down on you.

When Koxa got his wave, he recalled the words, heading straight down the roiling face of the water as it built and broken behind him like an avalanche.

"I had an fantastic dream the night before", he said. "But I figured somebody was talking to me", he said, according to Surfline.

"I got the bomb". And then I remembered: 'go straight down.' When I said it, I remembered my dream. I turned and I nearly fell, but then I got my feet again and went super fast.

Over the weekend he was rewarded for it at the 18th Annual Big Wave Awards.

The previous world record was made by the surfer Garrett McNamara of the United States. As you can see in the video, the wave is so incredibly huge that it's impressive they can accurately measure.

Koxa describes the waves at Nazaré as "really, really raw and powerful and super risky", the surfer said his record-breaking wave was a life changer.

The popular surfing spot is known for its high waves, produced by the underwater Nazare Canyon, the BBC notes.

"I am proud of you, Rodrigo".

Brazilian surfer Rodrigo Koxa has been crowned with the honour of riding the biggest wave ever.

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