Apple revoked Valve's Steam Link app approval over 'business conflicts'

Steam Link

Apple rejects Steam Link app over"business conflicts"25 May 2018 | Rasmus Larsen

Valve says it appealed Apple's deecision, but didn't immediately respond to a request for comment about whether it would make changes to the app to get Apple's approval yet again.

Steam Link is Valve's streaming service, which allows you to run games installed on your PC on any other device.

Apple approved Steam Link for the App Store on May 7, only to reject it a couple of days later. Today it was revealed that Apple has rejected the Steam Link app from the App Store, and a follow-up appeal from Valve was denied.

Apps often land first on iOS, and maybe later on Android, but that's not the case with the latest app from gaming service Steam. The team here spent many hours on this project and the approval process, so we' re clearly disappointed.

Unfortunately, Apple later revoked the approval, claiming that there were "business conflicts" that had gone unnoticed by the initial review team. In the meantime, the Android version of the Steam Link app has already debuted (at least in beta form) on the Google Play Store. According to a statement from Valve, Apple approved the app's release just prior to the May 9 announcement.

With remote access, those users can purchase all the goods they like from third-party stores - in the same way Steam Link users would have been able to purchase goods through Steam. Not only do you need a decent network for Steam Link to work well, it also won't function outside your home - where many people take their phones.

The Steam Link app is a software version of the device of the same name. The most obvious reason is the fact Apple views Steam as a threat to its business model. But we hope Apple will reconsider in the future.A definite weird situation, and baffling too as the app store has no shortage of remote-desktop like apps in addition to mountains of shovel-ware.

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