Anthem to Feature Innovative Story and Multiplayer Combination, says Bioware

Anthem Release Month

Anthem to Feature Innovative Story and Multiplayer Combination, says Bioware

Every dimension of this game will offer something entirely new for our audience of players, from a new universe with unique stories that BioWare is creating, to the cooperative gameplay, to the epic and handsome environment that constantly evolves around the players. Of course, this leaves BioWare no more than 10 months to wrap up development and polish the game.

"There were, understandably, some questions and concerns about story in multiplayer", Casey writes about Anhtem. With microtransactions nearly certainly finding their way into games like Anthem and the upcoming Battlefield title, EA puts less emphasis on total game sales than it did in the past - instead, cultivating a community of players into recurrent spenders now drives revenue. Anthem sounds like it will be a bit of both, as Hudson confirmed the upcoming game will be completely playable as a single-player experience as well as for those who want to play with other "randos" or in a group of friends. You create your own character, you decide what happens next, and you become the hero.

That being said, the developer is "taking the problem head-on" and structuring the entire design of the game to provide a specific solution to it. "And yes, even though Anthem is meant to bring out the best parts of playing as part of an online community, you can choose to play through the story with only your friends, or even on your own". These details will be shared "very soon", but he said that you don't have to worry about being forced to engage in multiplayer. We think it creates a unique experience where you have control over your own story, but your story is set in an ever-changing multiplayer world.

"It's true-we're trying something really different here". In it, he presents the new mission statement by which all games will be developed. Later in the year, Laidlaw announced he was leaving BioWare, so it's possible this new game Hudson is teasing was the next Dragon Age, but has since been refocused into something else. So, it isn't much of a surprise that some fans are rightly anxious about the direction of Bioware and how a game like Anthem might affect their storytelling prowess. The team is working super hard to get ready, and I can't wait to hear what you think!

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