Abe backs Trump's cancellation of U.S.-N. Korea summit

The original ‘Look East’ policy was advocated by Dr Mahathir when he took office in 1981. — Reuters pic

Abe backs Trump's cancellation of U.S.-N. Korea summit

US President Donald Trump has angered world powers by threatening trade wars with the European Union and China while re-imposing sanctions on Iran after unilaterally withdrawing the US from the nuclear deal with the Islamic Republic, which the other signatories - Russia, China, Germany, the United Kingdom and France - are now trying to salvage. "Do we want another problem on the same scale?" asked Putin according to the Independent.

The Russian leader said the USA withdrawal from the 2015 agreement came even as the worldwide nuclear watchdog confirmed that Tehran was fulfilling its obligations.

Macron's aides insist he is not cozying up to Putin, or seeking to pivot away from France's longstanding alliance with the U.S.in favour of one with Russian Federation and China. "The key is to build a stable Syria", Macron said.

The official spoke on the condition of anonymity to avoid overshadowing Trump's comments Thursday.

"We need to be talking about the situation after the war".

Mr. Putin mentioned oil and gas, nuclear energy, renewable energy, machinery manufacture, space technology, aircraft building, chemical industry and agriculture as the major fields where the two countries can carry out cooperation in the near future.

Putin previously served as president, but did not relinquish power when he left.

On Friday, the French couple will pay homage to the victims of the brutal German 1941-44 siege of St. Petersburg, then known as Leningrad - something very personal for Putin whose parents suffered in the battle.

The Iran deal was the first time Russia, China, France, Germany and others agreed to scrapped economic sanctions on the Muslim-majority nation.

Bilateral relations "are developing despite all the current complications".

"Trump is an uncultured man, violent and brutal", Orlov added.

"We certainly can't be happy with the level and nature of Russia-US relations".

"This is now my second term in a row", the Russian leader said.

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