Waffle House Offers To Pay For Victims' Funeral Costs

Waffle House Offers To Pay For Victims' Funeral Costs

Waffle House Offers To Pay For Victims' Funeral Costs

Police say he killed four people with an assault-style rifle at the Waffle House and escaped on foot, setting off an all-out manhunt that lasted more than 24 hours.

After a gunman opened fire inside a Tennessee Waffle House, killing four people and injuring four others in the process, customer James Shaw Jr. was heralded as a hero after he tackled and disarmed the shooter.

It's not clear what he did during his time on the run.

The motive for the attack is still unknown.

The search warrant says they took a Remington hunting rifle, 2 scopes, more than a thousand rounds of ammunition, various computers and 3 routers. He declined to give a statement and requested a lawyer, Lara said.

Reinking, 29, is charged with four counts of criminal homicide.

Travis Reinking is a terrorist who murdered four people in cold blood at a Nashville area Waffle House his past weekend.

"From a distance it looks like this guy", she tells the dispatcher. At the time she said he was "walking through a field, real fast".

Police took Reinking into custody on Monday. "It wasn't any kind of talking between us; I just knew I just had to get that away from him". "I worked out here every day last week with him living right here". When I was in the ambulance to hospital I kept thinking that I'm going to wake up and it's not going to be real.

Nashville public schools had initiated "lock-out" procedures while Reinking was on the loose, which meant no guests or visitors could enter public buildings.

Officials said Reinking would be housed alone and would only be able to receive visitors by video conference. He said the father replied that he was aware of the issues and "had been recently trying to rekindle his relationship with Travis", the police report said.

In another significant development, we have learned what police seized from Reinking's apartment and his auto.

Sustrich left it alone, largely forgetting about Reinking until four months later, when the United States Secret Service called regarding Reinking hopping a fence at the White House. Four were killed. Two women who were shot remain hospitalized.

The documents say they seized a Remington rifle with a magazine; cartridges for different calibers of guns; two rifle scopes; and gun cleaning equipment from 29-year-old Travis Reinking's apartment.

Marcus Watson, an agent with the U.S. Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, said Reinking's father, Jeffrey, could face federal charges if he knowingly transferred weapons to a person who was prohibited from owning them.

Reinking's grandmother, Marilyn Hopper, told CNN affiliate WSMV-TV that her grandson "was a sick boy" and she was devastated by news of the attack. "She smiled as soon as I walked through the door and thanked me so much", said Shaw. "But you know, we have a side too", Hopper told the channel by phone.

"I actually tried to count the hairs on her eyelashes just because I was like, I nearly didn't see them anymore", he added.

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