Trump touts tax cuts in White Sulphur Springs

Trump touts tax cuts in White Sulphur Springs

Trump touts tax cuts in White Sulphur Springs

Sue Cline, the sate senator from the 9th District, said she was grateful for the opportunity to celebrate the success of West Virginians. "You have to go after people who aren't treating you right".

In closing, Trump thanked Governor Jim Justice and Senator Shelley Moore Capito before directly acknowledging that Congressman Evan Jenkins and state Attorney General Patrick Morrisey - who were flanking the president at the table - are both vying for the Republican nomination to unseat Manchin in November.

"You were with me from day one", Trump told the audience.

The panel consisted of families who benefited from the tax cuts, along with representatives from local businesses who were able to give their employees bonuses.

"This is an issue we are facing, and our office is tackling it head-on from a supply, demand and educational perspective", Morrisey said. "It's like it's a war", said the President. No Democrats voted to cut taxes. Trump again called the laws "weak".

"I can tell you that it's not crumbs to them (his employees) when they can pay their vehicle payments and invest in their children's future", Dotson said.

The president also riffed on (unfounded) allegations of voter fraud in California, the development of "clean, attractive coal" in West Virginia, and what he called the need for Republican wins in the November congressional elections.

"In many places the same person in California votes many times", Trump said Thursday. And, of course, he reminisced about his 2016 electoral victory in the Mountain State.

Trump is hosting Thursday's discussion at the White Sulphur Springs Civic Center.

"Our family was blessed a lot by the tax cuts", Lilly said before handing the microphone to his wife.

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Deductions for single filers were increased from $6,350 to $12,000 and for married filers from $12,700 to $24,000.

"We are very big supporters of our company". "A lot of people are being helped so much".

Bringing up his infamous 2015 campaign announcement speech, when he referred to Mexican immigrants as "rapists", Trump claimed without evidence that migrants who have been traveling through Mexico in a large group this week are responsible for rampant amounts of rape.

President Donald Trump is ready to discuss his tax overhaul with business owners and families in West Virginia.

While the visit Thursday focused on the tax plan, many supporters shared other policies, both at home and overseas, that they believe are helping the mountain state. "In terms of the downturn, I think what will really be good for all of these counties is to have stability and predictability to know where they are going to be".

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