Toronto van attack: What is an 'incel'?

Saul Porto  Reuters                   A damaged van is seized by police after it struck about two dozen people Tuesday at a major intersection in Toronto

Saul Porto Reuters A damaged van is seized by police after it struck about two dozen people Tuesday at a major intersection in Toronto

The 25-year-old Toronto area man accused of killing 10 people after a van plowed into a busy sidewalk apparently self-identified as an "incel".

Facebook has since deleted Missanian's account.

Rodger, a 22-year-old community college student, killed six people and wounded more than a dozen others in shooting and stabbing attacks near the University of California, Santa Barbara before killing himself in 2014.

Arshy Mann is a Daily Xtra journalist who has been researching the topic in Toronto.

They have their own terms and stuff like that.

The Incel Reddit subgroup referred to Rodger as "Saint Elliot".

"The Incel Rebellion has already begun!" reads the post. The incel world has created several memes featuring him. "I will still do the things I've always done. All hail the Supreme Gentleman Elliot Rodger!". But who are incels? They paste Rodger's face onto both mocking and heroizing memes.

Like other Canadians, I was horrified by the van attack in Toronto this week. "I don't care", he said.

In May 2014, Rodger uploaded video to YouTube in which he outlined his plans for what he called "The Retribution". We are still at 2000 users.

Futrelle has long warned that incels are unsafe. The blog We Hunted the Mammoth, which tracks online misogyny, noted examples where incels have explicitly discussed or promoted violence and pointed to the forum, where many commenters celebrated Monday's van attack with posts like "I really want it to be true that the guy was an incel lmao", and "joyous day". It is worth noting here that the subreddit included overt threats of violence in its rules. After the ban, many Incels moved over to, where some members celebrated the attack. There seems to be a split about whether women can be incels.

Incels are mostly losers who don't get laid - involuntarily celibate.

It goes without saying that every movement has its extremists and not every incel harbours violent thoughts.

"There is a really interesting irony in the incel style of quasipolitics - they are both a response to and advocates of nearly an Ayn Randian view of romance and human relationships".

Ging adds the Facebook post used terminology common to incel forums, such as references "Chads" and "Stacys," the respective male and female archetypes of the sexually active masses whom incels blame for their sexual rejection. We will overthrow all Chads and Stacys!

Basically, it's a turducken of toxic masculinity, entitlement, self obsession and rank misogyny.

Jennifer Berdahl is a professor in UBC's Sauder Schoool of Business. The incels blame lovely women for not sleeping with them.

Needless to say, if he wasn't held in very high regard by his fellow police officers before, he is now.

Nobody is owed sex, and nor is anyone obliged to provide it in order to keep men's anger at bay.

Is the opinion that it's ok to use violence against women normal in the incel community?

Rathanasiri said Amarasingha's friends first became alarmed when she did not return home on Monday afternoon to look after her son as usual. It is an organization started in 2016. "We live in a trusting society".

"The opportunity to ensure the individual could no longer pose a chance of harm to himself or to others is what that officer jumped at", said Leuprecht.

He said it places "men in a competition of masculinity".

As a solution to what he sees as a societal issue, Houshmand points to "authenticity first".

"I was trying to create a movement that was open to anybody and everybody", she told the magazine. "Collect wisdom and more information".

In all this darkness Berdahl finds a light.

"It's a good sign that they're being proactive, that they're not waiting", said Dr. Jeff Morley, a former RCMP officer who works as a psychologist helping police officers, soldiers and other emergency personnel process traumatic incidents.

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