Sprint and T-Mobile Are Said to Be Close to Merging

U.S. mobile network operator Sprint Corp is seen at a Sprint store in San Marcos California

U.S. mobile network operator Sprint Corp is seen at a Sprint store in San Marcos California

T-Mobile and Sprint are aiming to announce the deal on Sunday, though the timing could change, the sources said.

All companies were not immediately available for a comment. It is unclear whether the deal would get regulatory approval in Washington. But analysts have previously warned that the deal would be a mammoth job killer, the combined company likely to eliminate as many as 30,000 jobs as it eliminates redundant retail, network operations, support and management positions nationwide. "The problem is that leverage cuts both ways", Kurn said.

US wireless carriers T-Mobile and Sprint are finalizing terms as they seek to sign a merger by Monday that could value Sprint at around $26 billion, people familiar with the matter said on Friday.

Plans had fell apart a few years ago due to opposition from regulatory authorities who were anxious about the impact a merger would have on competition.

The sources also caution that negotiations between DT and Sprint majority owner SoftBank could break down at the last minute.

Six years ago, T-Mobile was in last place among the four major telecom players, nearly an afterthought to its larger, more entrenched counterparts.

The deal between Sprint and T-Mobile is not yet certain.

At the time, Deutsche Telekom balked at Softbank's proposed valuation of debt-laden Sprint.

But the two could not be held apart for long. This signals USA regulators' growing concern about consumer prices.

But it remains to be seen if federal regulators would let the deal proceed, going against what they have decided in the past.

Even if SoftBank and Deutsche Telekom reach an agreement, the big question is whether the Trump administration will approve a merger that reduces the number of national wireless firms to three from four.

A bellwether could be the pending AT&T and Time Warner merger, Sharma said.

But the companies evidently believe a merger is necessary to address future investment and competition challenges.

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