Serzh Sargsyan nominated for Armenia's PM

Serzh Sargsyan nominated for Armenia's PM

Serzh Sargsyan nominated for Armenia's PM

Since early morning of April 16, the Armenian Opposition started mass demonstrations of protest against the Armenian 3rd president Serzh Sargsyan, who will soon become the new Prime Minister of the country.

Protests led by Armenian opposition MP and leader of Civil Contract Party Nikol Pashinyan were held in the Amenian capital city Yerevan on Monday. They blocked the streets in Central Yerevan.

Police has called on Pashinyan to comply with RA Law on the Freedom of Assembly or end the rally.

Activists stormed several schools. According to the Armenian media, traffic in the city center is practically blocked, from time to time there are skirmishes between drivers and demonstrators. Nikol Pashinyan told journalists that the universities should go to the government, and the state should not have influence on them.

Quite finely calculated everything, Sargsyan gives his almost-namesake to Armen Sargsyan nothing more than an unimportant position of the president in order to seize the portfolio of the prime minister, into which he tossed all the levers of power with a deft hand.

"Our goal right now is to prevent Serzh Sarkisian from becoming the country's leader for a third time without violence and the use of force", Pashinian said. "Tomorrow, the whole Armenia should take to the streets; we should let this cursed session", he stressed.

The scuffles were short-lived, as the police were able to repel the offensive and push the demonstrators back. Pashinyan gained another prominent ally on Monday in radical opposition leader Jirayr Sefilian, who publicly endorsed the protests from his jail cell. In the result there are victims.

Opposition leaders have accused Sarksyan of changing the nation's political system to ensure he can remain in power, and have been holding protest rallies in recent weeks. As reported in the medical center, he had minor damage. Pashinyan was injured in the fracas and taken to hospital. Shoes broke. I passed through the barbed wire and it so happened that I broke away from protesters.

Without reading it, Pashinian tore it up and declared that a campaign of "total disobedience" had begun.

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