Saban says 'Shop Talk' will continue

Saban says 'Shop Talk' will continue

Saban says 'Shop Talk' will continue

"I think LeBron James is a great player", Saban said.

James has a series called "The Shop" that has a similar casual feel as Alabama's "Shop Talk".

James and the people from his Uninterrupted show "Shop Talk" sent Saban a letter about how Alabama's barbershop show might be ripping off the legendary National Basketball Association player.

The football team released a trailer for their new show, "Shop Talk", which features players, along with head coach Nick Saban, sitting around and talking about various topics while getting haircuts.

LeBron sent a letter to Alabama mentioning potential legal action, and Saban responded.

The objective of the letter was to talk things about with Alabama's athletic department before "rushing into legal proceedings", so only time will tell if it proves to be effective. James' company has a show called The Shop, which has a similar format and premiered past year.

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"I don't have a reaction to it", Saban told reporters including's Michael Casagrande. I didn't know anyone owned that and I didn't even know [James] had one.

James reacted to Saban's comments Tuesday night, following the Cavs' win over the Toronto Raptors. You don't know him personally but you know him more than I do.

"You guys know Nick Saban more than I do from a media perspective, not saying personally", James said. I'm sorry that anybody could be offended by something that we were just having fun with. We will continue tracking the developments of this story. "So, the lawyers will figure it out".

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